Excluding Estimated Government Charges (EEGC) Pricing - FAQ

Excluding Estimated Government Charges price on carsales Inventory

In October 2022, we rolled out an update which ensures all cars listed with a Drive Away Price (DAP) now display with an 'Excluding Estimated Government Charges' price (EEGC). This change is currently live across our mobile platform, PC/Desktop platform and AutoGate Apps for Android and iOS. The EEGC pricing replaces Excluding Government Charges (EGC) prices provided by dealers where a Drive Away Price is provided.


Why was this change implemented?

The changes help give consumers a clear understanding of the cost to purchase across all cars, and provides an equal point of comparison when comparing Car A which is listed with a Drive Away Price, and Car B which is not.

Additionally, it provides a better comparison between Dealer stock that is listed with a Drive Away Price and private stock (or other dealer stock) that isn’t. It also helps to assist consumers with comparing cars locally with those interstate for potential purchase.


How will this impact the ‘Sort by price’?

When sorting search results by Price (low to high, or high to low), the EEGC is now treated as the 'point of truth'. This means that all stock (both dealer and private) will be put in order based on the EEGC price linked to the advert. Where the stock does not have an EEGC price, either because it is not advertised with a DAP or because it is a private seller listing, the input EGC price will be treated the same as an EEGC price. This means that when you sort your search results by Price, the results may show both EEGC and EGC results, but they will still show in order of value in the same way. 


Can I overwrite the Drive Away Price?

The Driveaway price is provided either by you, the dealer, by directly entering it into AutoGate, or via a data feed. You can continue to update this as you wish – our system will then subsequently reverse engineer an Excluding Estimated Government Charges price using your DAP as a starting point.


Can I put in an updated Dealer delivery fee?

On inventory with a Dealer Delivery Fee, we utilise a recommended estimate of a dealer's delivery fees, which is provided to us by the relevant manufacturer and is based on the vehicle's model and the State in which the item is for sale. Drive Away Prices should include your dealer delivery fee. If there is a significant discrepancy between the dealer delivery fee listed in the breakdown of costs we publish to the consumer, please inform your manufacturer to reach out and update their details with either Redbook or carsales.

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