Completing Appraisals in the AutoGate App

How to Complete Vehicle Appraisals in the AutoGate App (iOS and Android)

AutoGate's user-friendly app, available exclusively to Appraisal Solutions subscribers, allows you to efficiently perform vehicle appraisals on both iOS and Android devices. 


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Creating a Sourcing Opportunity in the AutoGate App

Completing a Vehicle Inspection in the AutoGate App


Creating a Sourcing Opportunity in the AutoGate App

1. Adding a Vehicle

Option 1: Home Menu

  • You can start the process directly from the Home Menu.
  • Look for the ‘+’ in the top right corner of the screen and then select ‘Sourcing Opportunity’.

Option 2: Sourcing Section

  • Inside the Sourcing section, find and select the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner.

2. Manual Entry or VIN Lookup

Choose how you want to add the vehicle: manually or using the VIN/rego lookup tool.

Manual Entry

  • If you prefer manual entry, search for the vehicle by make and model.

VIN/Rego Lookup

  • For more accurate results, utilise the VIN or rego lookup tool.

3. Vehicle Details

After adding the vehicle, fill in essential details such as the odometer reading.

Select the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the next stage of the appraisal.

4. Opportunity Details

Now, provide additional details to enhance the Sourcing opportunity.

Sourcing Type

  • Specify the sourcing type, whether it's a trade-in, wholesale, or another classification.


  • Select the relevant dealership department associated with the appraisal.


  • Choose the specific integration option to feed the opportunity into integrated dealer management systems.

5. Customer Information

To link the opportunity with a customer, you have two options:

Option 1: Search for an Existing Customer

  • Utilise the search function to find a customer who has previously submitted a lead.

Option 2: Add a New Customer Manually

  • If the customer is not in the system, add their information manually.

6. Completion

You have now completed the opportunity setup.

With the vehicle details, opportunity information, and integration settings in place, you are ready to start the vehicle inspection process.

To further assist you, check out the video below for a quick demonstration.


Completing a Vehicle Inspection in the AutoGate App

With the vehicle and customer details stored, it's time to begin the vehicle inspection using the AutoGate app.

After creating a sourcing opportunity, the AutoGate app will automatically transition to the vehicle inspection process. You can also access the inspection process from the vehicle details page within the Sourcing section.

1. Capture Photos & Imperfections

Inside the Inspection module, start by selecting the ‘Photos’ option.

Option 1: Capture Photos Within the App

  • Use the app's camera feature to take photos of the vehicle directly.
  • At the top of the screen, locate and select the ‘Imperfection’ option and take photos any marks or damage to the vehicle.

Option 2: Upload from Phone's Photo Gallery

  • Alternatively, upload pre-existing photos from your phone's gallery.

2. Exterior

  • Locate and select the photo of the imperfection at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the corresponding area on the vehicle diagram where the imperfection is located and select the type of imperfection such as scratch, dent, mark, etc.

Continue by filling out the mandatory fields in the inspection form.

AutoGate users with Sourcing ‘Manage’ access can customise which fields are compulsory in the inspection form.

3. Accident History Check - PPSR Reports

Navigate to the 'Accident History' section. Click on the 'PPSR' field.

Purchase PPSR Report

  • Click the 'Get PPSR Report' button.
  • The fields below will automatically populate with relevant information retrieved from the PPSR report.

4. Recall Checks

Move to the 'Recall Checks' section in the app.

  • Click on 'OEM Website' to check for recall notices. You will be redirected to the OEM website.
  • Paste the VIN into the relevant search bar on the OEM website; the VIN will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Complete the remaining sections of the inspection form.

5. Customer Acknowledgment

Proceed to the 'Customer Acknowledgment' section of the inspection form.

Digital Signature

  • If the customer is present and able to sign off on the inspection, use the app's digital signature feature.
  • Guide the customer through the process of digitally signing the inspection acknowledgment.

Continue Without Signature

  • If the customer is unable to sign, provide an option to continue without a signature.

6. Review and Finalise

Take a moment to review the entire inspection, ensuring all details are accurate and complete.

To further assist you, check out the video below for a quick demonstration.


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