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Why can't I contact all of my Watchers?

On the Contact Watchers screen, accessed via the Marketing tab, you’ll notice there are two columns in relation to consumers who have saved your items. The first column is for ‘Watchers’ and the second for ‘Contactable’.



The difference between the two is as follows:

Watchers = carsales members who have ‘saved’ a vehicle

Contactable = carsales members who have ‘saved’ a vehicle AND opted in for communication (offers) from dealers

When the numbers in the two columns are different, it simply means that not all the consumers have ‘opted in’ for communication (offers) from dealers. As a dealer, you will only be able to communicate with those who have opted in. 

In the example below, there are 16 watchers, but only 9 of those have opted in for communication from dealers. Therefore the offer will only be sent to the 9 who have opted in. 


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