How do I contact a ‘Watcher’?

How do I contact watchers? 


To contact watchers, you must have access to be able to edit inventory. 

If you do not have this access, please contact your Digital Account Manager to request access. Your Digital Account Manager's contact details can be found at the top right of your AutoGate screen.


If you have the required access, you can contact watchers by following the below steps:


 1. Click on the "Marketing" tab within AutoGate, followed by the "Contact Watchers" icon. 


2. Choose the stock you are interested in and click on the "Select" icon, followed by the "Send Offers" icon, 


3. Once you've clicked on "Send Offers" you will be able to edit the existing template. You will always be advised how many watchers the offer is being sent to. 

Please Note - The number of 'Watchers' and 'Contactable' people may be different. Those who are contactable are the watchers who have opted in to receive communication (offers) from dealers. 


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