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What is 'Enhance'?

This advertising unit has two purchasing options, so you can ensure you are maximising your investment. All Enhanced listings appear above standard ads as premium listings (or, in grid format, to the left-hand side of standard listings), with a featured border and additional images displayed via a carousel.

Enhance (Single):

  • Select Enhance against an individual inventory item to promote your listing to a better position in the search results, for a 7 day period. You can apply Enhance directly from AutoGate's Promote page. Once the initial 7 day period is finished, you can extend or re-purchase Enhance.

Enhance Bundles:

  • For a more flexible option, buy bundles of Enhance or Enhance Unlimited for additional coverage across your inventory. You are able to apply Enhance easily to multiple listings, rotating them through your inventory as little or as often as you like. Where a bundle is in place, Enhance can be assigned to nominated stock items automatically (on your oldest items) or manually (on chosen stock).

You can view the listings that you have Enhance applied to by clicking on the inventory page. Enhanced listings are tagged with 'Enhance'.  


 Want to upgrade to Enhance? Click here to find out how. 

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