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Can I edit the format of a brochure in AutoGate?

You can edit the brochure format by following the below steps, 

Firstly open the brochure print page. This can be done by clicking into your inventory, selecting the relevant stock and finally the "Print Brochure" button. 


1. AutoGate has 4 templates to choose from for brochures. To change the template design, simply click on the selections within the brochure menu. 


2. Colours can also be updated to suit your dealerships logos and colour scheme. To change the colours, simply click on the colours tab within the brochure menu and select your nominated colours for headings, banners and pricing. 


3. A logo can be easily added to the header in your brochures. To add a logo, simply click on the Logo tab within the brochure menu and upload your logo image file.


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