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How do I clear my cookies and cache?

From time to time you will need to clear the cookies and cache stored in your browser, as cookies and cache stored from other websites can interfere with ours. To clear the cache and cookies from your browser, select CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE (COMMAND+SHIFT+DELETE for Mac) in a browser window. 

If using Google Chrome you will then be able to select the "Clear browsing data.." icon, 


You will then need to ensure the time range selected is "All time", be sure the "Cookies" and "Cache" boxes are ticked and proceed to clear the data. 


Once you have pressed this button, it may take a short time for the above pictured window to 'disappear'. At this point, please close any tabs or windows you have open in Chrome, and then open the browser again. Any problems that were experienced should now be resolved.


*Please note the above is for illustration purposes, each browser has a slightly different way of going about this function, and MAC users may need to follow different instructions as the nature of MAC programs is different to PC. If you are using a different browser to Google Chrome on a PC, we recommend Google searching the instructions for your specific browser or machine.

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