How do I edit an inventory item?

Depending on how you load your inventory into Autogate, you will have a number of ways in which you can edit the items you have for sale.

If you are set up to have your inventory loaded into Autogate via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP)/Batch Uploadfrom your Dealer Management System (DMS), you will need to make all item edits from your DMS.
The reason for this is that Autogate pulls data from your DMS as the original source, any edits you make in Autogate will then be overwritten after the next feed occurs.

For those who are manually adding inventory into Autogate, you can also make edits manually in Autogate. To edit an item, simply click the 'Edit' button once you're in the details screen. You will firstly need to click on the inventory icon,


From here, you will see a list of your current 'In Stock' items. This includes items that are marked as 'For Sale' whether they are published or not. Select the item that you would like to edit, then select the Edit button at the top of the next screen. If you have access to more than one dealer yard, you will need to ensure that you are looking at the specific yard that this item is linked to, or the edit button will not appear.



 Once you click on the "Edit" icon you will be taken to the details page and you will be able to make any adjustments to the listing. Be sure to save the changes when you are done. 


*Please note that if you are paying per listing and an integral part of the car (eg, transmission or manufacture year, amongst others) is listed incorrectly and then changed, this may cause problems with the billing for this item. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact your Digital Account Manager using the contact details at the top of the AutoGate page. 



You will always be able to view the "Health" of your advert to the right of the page. For more information on the advert heath and how to improve it, click here. 


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