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Updating your email templates

What is an email template?

An email template contains the email which is sent out to prospects who enquire on one of your stock items. When a customer submits an enquiry, this is the first piece of communication they receive from your dealership; which highlights the importance of having these updated.


How do I update my email templates?

You are able to customise the messages sent out to prospects by going into your settings, and clicking onto "email templates".


If you cannot see this option, speak with your dealership AutoGate admin about increasing your permissions. The remaining steps are below:

1. Click on the tab for the template you would like to edit, then select the green edit button on the template.


2. Ensure the "from name", "from email" and "email subject" are all updated, as well as the rest of the email on the right-hand side.


3. You are also able to add HTML to the email template to make it more visually appealing should you require it. 

*Please note, any items that appear in square brackets in the default template are HTML tags that link back to information input by the prospect. These should not be altered.

Finally, you can send a preview email to yourself to see what it looks like. Once you're happy with everything, click on the blue 'save template' button.

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