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What do I do once I’ve sold an item?

Once an item has been sold there are two ways it can be removed from AutoGate.

For batch feed dealers:

For dealers who are feeding inventory from their Dealer Management System (DMS) into AutoGate, the status of their stock will be controlled and sourced from the DMS. To remove an item, the dealer must update the item status in their DMS (whether it be sold or withdrawn) for it to be then fed through to update AutoGate.

Note: For batch dealers, if an item is updated in AutoGate directly, the next time a dealer's DMS sends through a feed, any changes that were made will be overwritten. This is why it is important that any updates are made at the source, the DMS.

Once removed from AutoGate, the item will also be removed from being advertised on the live site.

For manually added vehicles:

For dealers who are AutoGate Independent, or manually adding items into AutoGate, the status of their stock is controlled and sourced only from AutoGate. To remove an item, the dealer simply needs to mark the item as Sold or Withdrawn in the inventory details screen and the advertisement will be removed off the live site. 

You can do this by following the steps below, 

1. Click on the "Inventory" icon, 


2. Click on the stock item you would like to move to sold, 


3. Click on the "Mark as Sold" icon to the far right of the page, 



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