How do I add a user?

To add a user, you must have the appropriate access level to do so. If you don't have the correct access level, you will need to ask the Autogate administrator within your dealership to adjust your access level, or contact your Digital Account Manager.  You are able to contact your Digital Account Manager by using the contact details found at the top of your AutoGate page.

You can then add users by following the steps below, 

1. Within the DataMotive portal, under the settings tab click on "User" 


2. The menu will then expand to show the "Add User" option, 


3. You will then be taken to a page that allows you to enter the user's information. You can also specify on this page if you would like the user to have access to add/remove/edit other users. 


4. You can also search for or edit other members in your dealership by clicking on the "Search User" icon. 


5. If you type your dealership name followed by search, a list of all users connected to your dealership will appear. You can edit any of these users by clicking on the name of the user, followed by edit. 


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