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What is 'Health'? How can I improve it?

The health of your advert is displayed within the Inventory tab as well as the detailed page of your stock item. 'Health' indicates the level of detail the Inventory item has. The better the score, the better the ad!


How do I get 100% health on an item?

The health of an item is based on the amount of photos on your item, as well as how much item detail has been entered within Autogate.

We generally recommend having a minimum of 15 photos for a car, and a minimum of 9 photos for other items (boat, bike etc).

Additionally, filling in all the item information will help you achieve 100% health. Any field that has an orange or red border will need to be filled out, as shown below.




Health percentages will be displayed in AutoGate in three colours:

Green = Good ad quality

Orange = Average ad quality

Red = Bad ad quality

It is recommended that all items in your inventory are as close to 100% health as possible to achieve best results for your advertising.

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