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What is 'Health'? How can I improve it?

The health of your advert is displayed within the Inventory tab as well as the detailed page of your stock item, 'Health' indicates the level of detail the Inventory item has. The better the score, the better the ad!

Detailed comments and a larger number of photos are just some of the ways to achieve a higher overall health rating. 





The health score is made up of Details (completed data fields and item details) and also Media (photos). As you complete your ad, the more information and images you add, the higher your percentage or score will go.

Health percentages will be displayed in AutoGate in three colours:

Orange = Average ad quality

Red = Bad ad quality

Green = Good ad quality

It is recommended that all items in your inventory are displayed as green (good ad quality) for achieving the best results in selling online through the network of sites.

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