How do I access my inventory?

To access your stock, simply click on the Inventory tab to the left of your dashboard.


Once you’ve reached the inventory screen, you’ll be able to not only view and edit your stock, but also add further items for sale.


You’ll notice that the inventory screen has a number of columns which will help you locate and edit your items more efficiently. All of these columns will sort and filter as you require, including a search bar in the top right of the screen.

Additional features such as thumbnail images of the item, health status scores and a published status have all been included in AutoGate to simplify your experience.

Also, for subscribers who are adding their items independently and not from an external management system, you can add a new item from the inventory screen by clicking on the blue '+ Add Inventory' button at the top of your stock list. AutoGate will then lead you through some simple prompts that will quickly get your new item in the system and ready for publishing.

Click here for more help with your inventory 

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