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How many actions are there?

There are 6 actions that can be performed within a prospect's buying journey, including email, SMS, calls, appointments and notes. In order, they refer to the following:

  1. Email - The salesperson has sent an email to the prospect (through AutoGatePRO or via their Outlook/Hotmail/other mail provider).
  2. SMS - The salesperson has sent an SMS to the prospect from their phone.
  3. Calls - The salesperson has attempted to, or made a call to the prospect from their phone.
  4. Appointments - The salesperson has scheduled an appointment with the prospect to view the item. Date and times can also be entered and recorded while performing this action.
  5. Notes - The salesperson can record his/her own personal notes on a prospect at any time through the buying journey. Adding notes to a prospect will not affect or change the ‘stage’ they are currently in.
  6. SMSConnect - SMSConnect is another form of communication in which a salesperson can directly contact the prospect by sending a message from AutoGate that is delivered to the prospect as an SMS. 




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