What is LiveMarket?

LiveMarket provides real-time data from carsales.com.au as well as historical information from delisted vehicles (up to 12 months back) to make help informed decisions when buying or selling cars.


Benefits of using LiveMarket data & insights:

  • Increase stock turnover and profitability

Price, appraise and source stock smarter for quicker and more profitable sales with real-time market intelligence.

  • Move stock faster

Benchmark your stock and optimise pricing to meet your profit targets.

  • Undertake accurate appraisals

Quickly evaluate the profitability of trade-ins and stock purchases.

  • Source profitable stock

Discover what stock is moving fast and in demand with buyers.

  • Measure up against your competition

Compare your stock and business performance to the market via key metrics.


Interested to learn more? 

If you would like further information, contact your performance manager to learn more!

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