What is a "Multi Listing"?


Looking for a powerful new way to stand out from the crowd?

Introducing the new and improved Multi List ad – available now to promote your new, demo and used stock.

It’s a one-of-a-kind ad on Carsales that could help increase views, qualified enquiries and visits to your dealership.

What makes Multi List so effective? 

Multi List advertisement promotes 4 stock items that are relevant to buyers given their search criteria – in a huge Showcase-sized ad.

With Multi List, one stock item appears as the huge Showcase ad, with 3 additional similar stock items available to view directly underneath it.

This unique ad design empowers dealers to capture more attention and increase buyer engagement, generate more views on more similar items that buyers are searching for and increase qualified leads as buyers have multiple purchase options from your business. 

Boost Visits to Your Dealership

Buyers are willing to travel greater distances, especially with the knowledge that multiple similar stock items are available for purchase from the same dealership. In a recent Carsales study, it was found that 15% of buyers travelled over 80km to visit a dealership that visited that offered a better price, value for money or had the exact model desired in stock and 33% are willing to travel over 80km.*

Multi List delivers buyers even more motivation with the knowledge that a single dealership may have as many as 4 stock items that meet their needs and are viable purchase options.

Expect more visitors to your showroom and yard!

Align with Buyer Behaviour

Buyers increasingly wish to purchase a specific make/model/colour/trim combination. Multi List makes it easier for buyers to hunt down the exact stock item they want.

Simply advertising more of your relevant stock through a Multi List ad gives you more chance of meeting the needs and requirements of buyers given their search criteria. It might even make buyers aware of different options that differentiate your stock items from others listed on carsales.

Add Multi List in AutoGate now

Multi List is available now from AutoGate.

Activate it out now from the Promote page.

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