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Transaction Report Access

In order to view the new Autogate Transaction history page, you will require an active DataMotive profile with the applicable permissions.  Below are some details on which permissions are required, along with instructions on how to create a profile which can view the transactions history page. 

1. Log in with a profile which has administrative access.

You can determine whether you have these permissions if you can view the 'Add User' menu item outlined in step 2. If this menu isn't available for any of the profiles linked to your dealership, please contact your Digital Account Manager who will be happy to have an administrator account created for you. 

2.  Once signed in, click the "User" settings followed by "Add User." 


3.  Fill in the necessary basic information for the new profile. 

The email inbox of the address used should be easily accessible by the profile owner.

Note: If a profile with the same email address already exists in the portal, you will receive an error when saving your changes.  Consider searching of the user and updating the existing information if necessary.

4.  Select the appropriate level of yard/group access under 'Dealerships'.




5.  The only permission required to view the transaction report in Autogate is the 'Settings > View' permission.  You will also need to click the 'New Autogate' switch to 'ON' by simply clicking on the switch.






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