Transaction report - breakdown of charges

You have the ability to see the breakdown of charges for leads, listings and promote all within AutoGate.

Where can I access this?

The transaction report can be found directly in AutoGate under Reports > Transactions. From there, select a month from the drop-down menu and select the applicable transactions category.

Note: You will need the "Settings > View" permission against your profile for this area of Autogate to be available to you. The transactions that will be displayed to you will only show the Autogate yard which you can see at the top of the page.



What if I don't have an Autogate account?

You will need to have a profile created for you with the applicable permissions to have access to the transaction history in Autogate.

If you don’t have an account or need your permissions updated, you will need to speak with someone at the dealership who has admin access. You will need to have an active email address to have a new profile created for you.

If they are unsure of how to add a new user, this article explains it.

What level of data is included in the reports?

You will be able to see the breakdown of each charge to your account for leads or listings, as well as promote. The only thing you will not be able to see is subscription charges, which will be shown on your invoice.

Can I export the data out of Autogate?

You are able to download transaction reports by moving to the "transactions tab", and clicking the blue button showing the respective month you are downloading. This is available for both individual dealerships and dealership groups.

How far back does the data go?

The billing history will be available back to January 2019.  If you require any billing history from months prior, please send through a request to and we will have the necessary files sent to you.

Will I be able to view billing history across a group?

Yes, make sure at the top of the page it shows you are at the group level and not in a specific dealership, you will then be able to view and download transactions for the group.

Why does the report take a while to generate?

Some reports you generate may take some time to load depending on the amount of data in the report.  If the page fails to load or you receive a 'Timeout' message, please refresh the page and the page should load on the second attempt.

Can I print the report?

Most popular browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox will allow you to print the page you are currently viewing by clicking Ctrl + P on your keyboard.


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