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How do I re-advertise an item I have Withdrawn or Sold?

In instances where you need to return an item that has been marked as ‘Sold’ or ‘Withdrawn’ to ‘For Sale’ again, so that you are able to re-advertise it on the Carsales Network, simply follow the below steps:


  1. First we need to locate the item that we need to return to stock. From your Inventory screen in AutoGate, please drop down the very first filter (called ‘Sale Status’) and select ‘All.’


This will now show all stock you have advertised via AutoGate previously.


  1. Locate the Withdrawn or Sold item by typing in its stock number, registration number, or other identifying terms into the search bar on the right hand side of the Inventory screen.




This will narrow down the search results to the item that we are looking to return to stock.


  1. Once the item comes up, click on the make/model of the vehicle as it appears in the list. This will take you into the detailed view.






  1. From here, select the Edit button next to the Make/Model of the vehicle. This will take you into the Vehicle Details screen.






  1. Once on the Vehicle Details screen, drop down the Sale Status box and change this from ‘Sold/Withdrawn’ to ‘For Sale.’ Please remember to then hit the Save button at the bottom of the screen.








  1. Once you have saved the item, you will be able to see the publishing buttons on the right hand side as normal, and turn the switches to ‘On’ as required.


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