Prospect Allocation FAQ's

  • How can I gain access to the new prospect allocation tool?

All dealers have access to the prospect allocation tool, PRO dealers have access to advanced functionality. To find out more information about the advanced functionality of this product, please navigate to the ‘purchase’ section of the Datamotive Portal, or alternatively you can contact your digital account manager to enquire further.

  • Do I have to set up any rules?

There is no requirement to set up rules – this is completely optional. Where no rules are specified, a simple rotation will be selected by default and leads will be allocated alphabetically. The allocation tool will only take control once you have added team members to a rule.

  • Is there a limit on how many rules I have to set up?

As there is no limit to the amount of rules that can be set, we encourage you to be mindful of the amount of rules which are configured to prevent conflicting rules – please note rules will be actioned in order of how they appear in the ruleset. Please see “how are rules prioritised” for further clarification.

  • How are the rules prioritised?

Rules work in priority of the order. If a rule is satisfied and the lead is allocated it will not continue to the next rule.

  • Can I set up a rule relating to the source of the lead?

At present, there is no functionality to be able to allocate based on lead source. However, this is something we are looking to introduce in future. Keep your eyes peeled!

  • What is simple rotation and how does it work?

Simple rotation will allocate leads (where the user permissions/departments match the lead criteria) in alphabetical order of staff members.

  • Will 3rd party leads be allocated?

Yes. These leads will be treated the same as other leads provided the information within the lead is enough to satisfy a rule.

  • What are my business hours?

You can view your business hours in the Datamotive Portal under the “update dealership” section on the left-hand side. Please note, only admin users will be able to make any changes on this page.

  • What happens if a lead is manually allocated, does this affect my automated allocation?

Manually allocated leads will not affect the prospect allocation tool as this is seen as independent to the tool.

  • Why can’t I find a staff member in the team members list for a certain rule?

This may be due to the staff member not having the correct permissions to be included into the list. To view a user’s permissions, navigate to the Datamotive Portal and click on “search users” on the left-hand side.

  • What permissions do I need to be able to make changes to prospect allocation?

A user will need to be able to view & edit settings, as well as be able to manage prospects.

  • Is there a log of changes made to this page?

We log all changes to the settings of this page, if you require clarification on why a rule was changed please contact our support team.

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