Test Drive FAQ

How do I purchase and/or activate test drive?

Test Drive can be purchased within Autogate via the "store" option on the left-hand side menu. Once you enter the store, you will see Test Drive as an option. Clicking on the "subscribe" button will initiate the sign-up process.



What do I need to do to start capturing Test Drives at my dealership?

To get started, download the AutoGate App available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It is recommended that you add your own terms and conditions via the desktop. You will need to navigate to Reports -> Test drive. On the left-hand side, navigate to settings, which will provide you with a page where you are able to enter your own terms and conditions.

In a case where no terms & conditions are entered, the terms and conditions page will prompt the customer to refer to the dealership to see the terms and conditions.


How Can I start a test drive?

To start a Test Drive, open the AutoGate app. You can start a Test Drive from any prospect or inventory item. You can also start a Test Drive on a walk-in from either the 'inventory' or 'prospects' tab.  You will see 3 dots in the top right hand corner, clicking on this will give you the option for Test Drive. Once you move through this page, click on the '+' button to start a new Test Drive.



 Where can I find my in progress/completed test drives?

You can find completed and in progress test drives in 2 locations:


AutoGate app - navigate to the 3 dots in the top right hand corner and select Test Drive. This will show you all completed and in progress test drives.


Desktop - navigate to reports in AutoGate and select Test Drive, this will show all completed test drives.


How do I access the licence details of a customer?

Should you need to access licence details of a customer for any reason, you will need to email support@carsales.net.au with this request and provide a brief explanation behind the request.


Can I load trade plates? (iOS only)

You are able to load trade plates via the desktop.


You will need to navigate to Reports -> Test Drive. In the top right-hand side you will see an option to add/edit trade plates. Once a trade plate is created, it will become a selectable option when you next create a test drive via the app.


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