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How to use Test Drive (NEW)


  1. Using the Autogate app, navigate to either the 'prospects' or 'inventory' tab at the bottom of the screen.




  1. Select the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, then select Test Drive.





  1. You will be able to see 'in progress' and 'completed' test drives on this page - click on the plus button in the top right to create a new test drive.



  1. After starting a test drive, you will need to find the applicable car by searching the registration number, or manually adding one via the 'add' button.




  1. Once the item is added, you will be able to add the customer.




  1. The next step involves passing the device over to the customer, allowing them to agree to the privacy collection statement.





  1. Once the agreement is accepted, you are able to scan the customer's license.




  1. Once the license is scanned, you will be prompted to add basic customer details.







  1. The customer is then prompted to fill in the vehicle condition before undertaking the test drive.



  1. The customer will then add a signature which confirms they have agreed to the privacy collection statement and relevant terms and conditions.




  1. Lastly, the check-in time is generated, and the odometer is added before 'checking in' the vehicle. The process is now complete. Once the test drive has been completed, navigate to Test Drive once again in the app, and find the vehicle within the 'in progress' section as shown below:




  1. Select the relevant vehicle, and this will allow you to check the vehicle back in, fully completing the test drive.



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