Top Deals Subscription FAQ

How do I purchase and/or activate a Top Deals subscription?

  •  Top Deals subscriptions can be purchased within AutoGate via the "store" option on the left-hand side menu. Once you enter the store, you will see available Top Deals subscriptions. Clicking on the "subscribe" button will initiate the sign-up process.


What do I need to do to apply a top deal to my inventory?

  •  You can apply Top Deals yourself on any inventory published to a carsales network site via the Promote page in the menu.
  • If there are any available top deals that have not been applied to eligible inventory AutoGate will automatically apply them to your oldest inventory during the night.


What happens if I have a Top Deal assigned when I mark an inventory item as Sold or Withdrawn?

  • When you mark an item as Sold or Withdrawn that had a Top Deal assigned to it, the Top Deal will be automatically removed from the item. You can assign that Top Deal to another item or let AutoGate apply it overnight.
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