LiveMarket - how to sign up & start using it


  1. You will need to go through to AutoGate to be able to purchase LiveMarket. Once you are in AutoGate, click on the "store" panel on the left-hand side menu.


  1. In the store, navigate to the 'subscribe' button for LiveMarket and click on it.


  1. You will be presented the terms of the agreement, read through these and scroll through to the bottom have the "activate" button light up. Clicking on this will complete the purchase, and you will receive a notification email once the product is ready to go!




Once the product has been activated, your performance manager will give the requested users access. For anyone else who needs access to LiveMarket, this can be managed in their user profile. Any admin user can go into the user's profile and tick the 'View' and 'Manage' permissions to enable access.

For anyone who requires access to create valuations using the LiveMarket valuations tool, these users will need to be given 'Edit' or 'Manage' permission under Sourcing. At a high level, Sourcing 'Edit' access enables users to create records and view records that they have created or have been allocated to, while 'Manage' access enables users to view all records and update valuation amounts.

To start using LiveMarket, log in via (as you normally would for AutoGate) and click on the LiveMarket button to the left-hand side. You will be presented a number of options, clicking on any of these will take you to LiveMarket.


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