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Vintelligence troubleshooting

While OEMs send us Vintelligence files advising stock rules, the file is not processed until the OEM receives a confirmation receipt, which will take a maximum of 48 hours. It is recommended that dealers are not advised of updated VIN files until this confirmation receipt is received by the OEM.

Messages in dealer Autogate accounts are reflective of the most recently processed VIN file. The following table outlines the series of error messages a dealer may receive when publishing a vehicle on the VIN list.



This message will appear where the VIN file has listed that this vehicle has options. To rectify, the dealer must attach options to the Autogate listing before trying to publish again.


Where this message appears, the vehicle has been set to Block on the current VIN file on hand. Should this be incorrect, the dealer should confirm with their OEM that the confirmation receipt has been received for the latest VIN file, and that this VIN number was set to Allow. If this is the case and the vehicle is still showing this error message, contact Support for assistance.


This message will appear when a vehicle is set to demo status but has more KMs listed than those specified in the VIN file. To rectify, the dealer can adjust their listing status to used and re-try publishing.


In this instance, the dealer has listed their vehicle as a New car while the VIN file suggest its only Allowed as a demo. To resolve, the dealer can update their listing to Demo and re-try publishing.



I have tried your troubleshooting suggestions and am still getting an error message. What do I do next?

If your OEM has received their confirmation receipt for the most recent file, and you have tried the above troubleshooting steps but are still having issues, please contact Carsales Support at support@carsales.net.au

Please attach a screenshot of the error message you’re receiving and the vehicle details. Our team will assist in resolving the issue.


My car is listing on site with ‘Enquire for price' instead of my listed price. Why?

Where your vehicle is allowed to Carsales using IDAP (Indicative Drive-Away Pricing) the listing will appear with ‘Enquire for price*’ and specify an indicative price below it.


You can identify which vehicles in autogate have an IDAP by the publish toggles. Those that publish this way will specify here:



How do I add features to my vehicle in Autogate?

When in your listing page, you can click on the ‘Edit’ button above your vehicle photos. Under the left hand Navigation, select ‘Features’. From here, you can add options and features as applicable.



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