How do I submit a credit request?

In certain circumstances, you may be eligible to request a credit for a product or service which is provided by carsales.

Before filling out the credit request form for lead charges, please review the Autogate terms and conditions attached at the bottom of this article (particularly point 5) which will outline what is a chargeable and non-chargeable lead.

You can only submit a credit request once you have the relevant invoice as you will be required to upload it.

To begin the process, follow the below instructions:


Step 1                                    Click on this link

Step 2                                    Fill out the information regarding your account and contact info

Step 3                                    Select the date range of the invoice

Step 4                                    Select Lead/Listing

Step 5                                    Enter a Lead/Listing ID

Step 6                                    Under reason, outline why you are requesting the credit

Step 7                                    Press the green add button to add the lead to the request

Step 8                                    Under quantity, put in the total amount of credits being requested

Step 9                                    Under reason, select the most appropriate category for your request

Step 10                                  Upload a copy of the invoice that the charge appeared on

Step 11                                  Hit submit.


Once a credit request is submitted, it will be sent directly to your account manager for review. 


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