Sending stock to AutoGate from your DMS - troubleshooting guide

This article is intended to provide troubleshooting tips for dealers who use a 3rd party system to send stock into AutoGate. Below are some of the most common stock issues and how to rectify them:


Vehicle showing as "no vehicle selected"

Sold item still showing as "in stock" in AutoGate despite being sold/withdrawn

Stock not appearing in AutoGate

Incorrect vehicle details/photos


Vehicle showing as "no vehicle selected"

This issue occurs when a feed sent to Autogate from a 3rd party does not contain a Redbook code. Autogate attempts to interpret the data in the feed to find a match for the car but this is not always possible. You can rectify this in AutoGate by performing the following actions:


1) Login to Autogate and select your dealership in the top right corner.

2) Click on ‘Inventory’ and select the ‘No Vehicle Selected’ inventory item.

3) Click on ‘Edit’ and then click the white 'Vehicle Not Selected' text.

4) Select the Make, Model, Year, Transmission, etc. until your find the correct vehicle.

5) Select the vehicle and click ‘Yes’ when asked if this is the correct vehicle.

6) You’ll now be taken back to the Vehicle detail page where you can make any further changes, save, and then publish the vehicle.


Alternatively, the issue can be avoided by talking to your data distributor and asking them if they have Redbook code functionality and can include them in feeds to carsales.


Sold item still showing as "in stock" in AutoGate despite being sold or withdrawn

This is a regularly occurring issue in Autogate and can be attributed to any of the following circumstances:

  •  a dealer’s data distributor is yet to send Autogate an updated feed that does NOT contain the sold stock.
  • a dealership staff member created the item manually in Autogate and it needs manual withdrawal. Check the Item History section which is to the right on a vehicle’s detailed page to see if this has happened.
  • less common is Autogate being affected by delays in processing. If you have checked the first 2 dot points, you're welcome to give our support team a call on 1300 728 800.


Stock not appearing in AutoGate

If your stock is not appearing in AutoGate, it could be one of the following reasons:

  • a dealer’s data distributor is yet to send Autogate an updated feed that contains the vehicle.
  • a dealer’s data distributor sends Autogate an updated feed but the vehicle is not in it.
  • a vehicle has been sent to Autogate but may have entered the account of a different dealer within a dealership group.
  • it’s a "no vehicle selected" status. See the NVS section above.


Incorrect vehicle details/photos

This may happen for a number of reasons:

  • The feed into AutoGate contains the wrong info - double check all the details relevant to the vehicle which is showing incorrectly.
  • A stock number has been re-used - AutoGate remembers stock numbers and will retrieve the original vehicle details associated with an old stock number that has been re-used.
  • The RedBook code is incorrect - check the file for this vehicle to make sure the RedBook code matches up with the vehicle you're wanting to send. AutoGate will prioritise the RedBook code (if available), if no RedBook code is present it will attempt to match it to the correct vehicle within the system.
  • The filename of the photo's is incorrect - if the incorrect stock number is used in the filename, this is why you may be seeing the wrong photo.



If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our friendly support team on 1300 728 800, or via

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