AutoGate Release Notes - April 2022

We have recently made a number of updates within AutoGate and the AutoGate app. The new features are summarised below. 

Inventory Search

Sourcing Updates:

1. LiveMarket - AutoGate iOS App

2. Trade-In Opportunities - AutoGate iOS and Android App

3. Inventory Match


Inventory Search

It's now easier than ever to find exact inventory to upload and publish. 

Keyword Search

Use keyword search with any combination of Make, Model, Year and Badge. The more information you provide the better the suggestions will be.


Once you select your result, you will be taken to the Make and Model question flow to see the matching vehicles of your search.  

Here you may be required to answer additional questions to refine your search even further. 


*delisted vehicle volume is available to LiveMarket subscribers only.


Make and Model

Make and Model is a more traditional question flow to identify a vehicle.  

You need to choose a Make, Model and Year to proceed.  

Once you click next, your matching results will be presented and you may be required to answer further questions to refine your search. 



Rego and VIN Search

Alongside the Keyword search, you will now find the ability to populate extended vehicle data with advanced Rego and VIN Search.  

If you do not have an active subscription, you will see the below:  


You will need an active Appraisal Solutions - Registration Search service on your account to access this feature.

It is a zero-dollar subscription fee and can be added to your existing Appraisal Solutions account.
To activate or sign up for Appraisal Solutions, contact Appraisal Solutions on 1300 153 802 or visit the AutoGate store:


Rego and VIN Search with an Active Subscription

The prepopulated data these search results provide can help you publish more accurate inventory in record time. 

  • Rego Search allows you to search for a car with just the Rego and State.  
  • VIN Search allows you to search for a car with just the VIN 
  • After clicking search you will see a vehicle or list of vehicles that match the Rego and State or VIN you have entered.  
  • You will be taken to the Make and Model question flow where you may be able to answer additional questions to refine your search even further. 

Please note: A cost per search is applicable  





Using Rego and VIN searches will return comprehensive vehicle information from our search options and may include: 

  • VIN 
  • Colour 
  • Rego 
  • Registration State 
  • Registration Status 
  • Registration Expiry 
  • Build Year 
  • Compliance Date 
  • Engine Number 

Can't find the car you want to upload?

Sometimes you might be looking for a car that we don’t currently have available, in this case you can click on the “I can’t find the car” link on the top righthand side of the page.  


Please complete all mandatory fields and provide any additional information that will help our researchers add this car to our database for you. 
You will be notified within 3 business days if the car has been added. If there is an issue one of the team will be in contact with you.


Sourcing Updates

We are continually evolving our latest AutoGate feature, Sourcing, to better assist you in your Vehicle Acquisition processes.   


Sourcing: Trade-In Opportunities - AutoGate App

With the latest app update you can now easily view the detailed Trade-In opportunities that come in with prospect.  

  • If a customer has uploaded a trade-in with their enquiry you will be able to see the vehicle details in the prospect details 
  • Under ‘selling’ you can select the customer’s trade-in vehicle to view further details to assist with your change over conversations 


Sourcing: LiveMarket - AutoGate App

You are now able to navigate the full breadth of vehicle LiveMarket data on the go within the AutoGate app.

The information is visible to all records under ‘Sourcing’ in the iOS app.  

Under the vehicle you will be able to view: 

  • Full Competitive Set  
  • Comprehensive Insights to better value your appraisal 
  • Full filtering and sorting capabilities


Sourcing: Inventory Match

With an Appraisal Solutions subscription, Sourcing will now automatically find matching Inventory Records and mark them as Won or Lost during the appraisal process  

By enabling this Automation, you can keep your acquisition list up to date and enhance reporting related to your acquisition conversion rate and teams’ performance. 


Activate via AutoGate here - - where you can:

  • Select Auto-Won to update sourcing records to ‘Won’ when a matching inventory is found in AutoGate Inventory.  
  • Select Auto-Lost to update your sourcing records to ‘Lost’ after a defined timeframe of inactivity 
  • Select your desired time frame – 30 day, 60 days, 90 days or 180 days.  




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