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What is an Auto Response?

What makes a great Auto Response?

How do you find and create an Auto Response?


What is an Auto Response?

The Auto Response, found within your AutoGate account, is a simple but critical piece in the online road to a sale.

When a customer sends your business an enquiry on an item, the lead will come into AutoGate and the system will automatically send an email from you to thank them for their interest – this is your Auto Response.

Just as you ensure that your dealership is always well presented, clean and on brand, your Auto Response should be the same. The reason for this is that in both instances, it’s the first point of contact a customer will have with your business, and setting a great impression is paramount to success.


What makes a great Auto Response?

The purpose of an Auto Response is to engage a customer, not only to thank them for their enquiry but to also convert them through to your dealer website.

But what should you include to create that engagement? Below are some best practice considerations.

  1. A clear and attractive header image, along with your brand logo
  2. Custom filters
  3. An opening that thanks the customer for their enquiry
  4. An image of the item they’ve enquired on
  5. An acknowledgement that one of your staff will be calling them
  6. A story about why they should engage with your business
  7. A link to your stock page or website
  8. A close from someone significant, like a Sales Manager or DP
  9. Also consider a dealer video, map and social links

If you have multiple brands within the one AutoGate account, or are part of a bigger group, you could give them representation using their brand logos, a collage of dealership images, or get a drone to take a shot of your site from the sky if the brands are next door to each other.

In addition, you should also add in the various addresses and website links for each individual brand, showcasing the depth of your business offering and choice for the customer.


How do you find and create an Auto Response?

To assist you in creating quality communication with your customers, we have four ‘on-demand’ training videos to help you get the most out of your Auto Response.

1. Introduction

Understanding what makes a great Auto Response and why you have it.


2. Locating the Auto Response

Now you know what the Auto Response is and what makes up a great email, let’s look at where to find the Auto Response in AutoGate.


3. Creating your Auto Response (in AutoGate)

Learn step-by-step ‘how to’ create and edit your Auto Response in AutoGate.


4. Testing your Auto Response and External Providers

Discover how to test your Auto Response before sending it to customers, including the external ways you can get a high-quality HTML response, built by a specialist.

If you need additional training or some more information beyond these videos, please contact your carsales representative and they can assist.

Don’t forget, this is the first point of contact you’ll have with every new online prospect. You want to make sure you set a great impression from their very first interaction with you!

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