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Each month you will receive a statement for your account which will come a few days after your invoice is sent. Your statement will contain a summary of the outstanding balance for the account, as well as the activity statement for the previous month.

Where can I see my statements?

Much like the invoices, statements will be sent via email to the email address we have on file for your account. 

If you require the email address to be changed, email this request to support@carsales.net.au

What do the abbreviations stand for under 'document number'?

You may see any of the following appear on the 2nd page of your statement:

CI = Stands for consolidated invoice, will always be followed by a series of numbers. This relates to an amount owing on a particular invoice.

INV = Relates to an invoice on the account prior to 2017.

CR = Is a credit issued onto your account by carsales.

PAY-CR = Reflects a payment which has been made from your end.

How can I pay my outstanding balance?

This article will detail all the ways in which you can make payment. The bottom of the first page of the statement will also give you a brief summary of how you can pay.

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If you have any further questions in relation to your statement, you can contact our accounts team via admin@carsales.com.au 

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our support team on 1300 728 800.


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