How to update your dealership details

The dealer management section within your Autogate settings is the go-to place for configuring your dealership’s details, departments and other services that are relevant to your dealership.

Where can I find my dealership details in Autogate?

What information can I update?

Where will these details display?


How do I update the contact information that is greyed out


Seller badges


Where can I find my dealership details in Autogate?

You can access this by navigating to “settings” on the left-hand side, and clicking on “dealership management”.

What information can I update?

You can update the following information:

  • Business hours
  • Contact information for each department
  • Images
  • Social information
  • Seller badges
  • Seller services

Where will these details display?

All the information on this page will display on the “find a dealer” area of the website where your stock is advertised. Customers will be able to find these details by performing a search for your dealership within this section.

If you advertise on carsales, your dealership information can be found in the ‘find a dealer’ section as shown below:


If you advertise on bikesales, caravancampingsales, boatsales, trucksales or constructionsales, it can be found underneath the dealer tab, shown below: 


Additionally, the dealership name, phone number and address will be provided to the prospect via an auto-response once they have made an enquiry.


You can choose which departments to display on your dealer page. Simply click on the settings button on the right, and you will be able to toggle the departments relevant to your dealership. By default, only the showroom department is turned on.



How do I update the contact information that is greyed out? 

There is some information that will be locked such as dealership name, address and primary contact number.

If you require any changes to these details, please contact us on


You will also see an area where you can upload images. These will also display on the dealer directory; an example of this is shown below:


Seller Badges

This is a feature that allows you to add tags to your carsales listing to promote additional capabilities and services offered. For a comprehensive breakdown of seller badges, please visit this article


It is recommended you read through the qualifying criteria before by clicking on "edit" and scrolling to the bottom of that page. 


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