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Everything you need to know about Remote Video Assessment by Redbook Inspect

What is this service?

With certain social distancing restrictions still in place, RedBook Inspect has created a new consumer-facing service called Remote Video Assessment or RVA. The services allow an RBI assessor to complete a remote video assessment of the vehicle to help a prospective buyer make a more informed purchasing decision. The assessment is undertaken via a dealership representative taking the RBI assessor through both the internal and external elements of the vehicle via a video call.

Consumers purchasing an RVA are showing a keen early interest in your vehicle and offer you the potential opportunity to engage buyers who are earlier in their purchase journey. 

How RVA works?

  1. A prospective buyer is looking at purchasing a vehicle at a dealership.

  2. The prospective buyer will purchase through RedBook Inspect an RVA (Remote Video Assessment). This generates a lead to the dealership, providing them with the prospective buyer's contact information.

  3. The RBI assessor will proceed to call the dealership to organise a suitable date and time to complete the service and to explain the assessment process. 

What is required during the assessment process?

  1. The RBI assessor will send a link to the dealership’s representatives’ mobile phone.

  2. Once the link has been clicked, the representative will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the RVA service.

  3. Once terms and conditions are agreed to, the link will allow the representative to begin the video chat with the assessor. Once both the representative and assessor are on video chat the assessor will instruct the representative to walk around the vehicle slowly and ask some targeted questions about the exterior of the vehicle.

  4. Once the exterior assessment is complete, the assessor will request the representative to slowly go through the interior as well.

  5. The assessor may also ask for selected photos on other parts of the car e.g. close up of the tire, close up under the hood, a closer look a service history books.

  6. Once the remote video assessment has been completed, the dealership representative just needs to hang up the call.

  7. The assessor will write up a report based on the video chat and send it to the prospective buyer.

  8. Dealers can then proceed to follow up with the prospective buyer to discuss the report and if suitable, the purchase of the vehicle.

What is being checked during the assessment?

  • Interior
    • Seats, seatbelts, functioning horn and locks
  • Exterior
    • Assessment of any visual accident damage or previous body repair.
  • Vehicle Verification
    • Photo capture of compliance plate, build and registration.
  • Common Faults
    • Assessors having the ability to question specific elements to identify common problems with the vehicles.
  • Prospective buyers will also receive a CarFacts report which includes;
    • Stolen status
    • Finance owing
    • Written off status
    • Any records of Odometer rollback

What are its benefits?

  • Prospective buyers using this service are further down the conversion funnel and could be more likely to purchase your vehicle.
  • The report adds an extra layer of confidence to the consumer to assist the buyer in making an informed buying decision.
  • As the prospective buyer is given a report stating the ins and outs of the vehicle it could potentially ease in the negotiation process as both the dealer and the consumer are on the same page.
  • The assessment is being carried out by an unbiased, 3rd party ensuring a fair and honest assessment of the vehicle.

 Other key information about RVA?

  • The RVA service is conducted at no cost to the dealer. The dealer simply needs to help facilitate the assessment process.

  • If for some reason the RVA could not be completed (eg. due to a poor internet connection on the day). The assessor will either try to reschedule or a refund will be provided to the prospective buyer, there is no action needed from the dealership.
  • Only the prospective buyer receives the written report and photo, no part of the video is recorded.

Quick tips to ensure your vehicle is ready for a Remote Video Assessment (RVA)?

  • Clean the vehicle inside and out.
  • Have all documentation (eg. service books) handy.
  • Ensure any key details are captured in the assessment.
  • Avoid videoing the vehicle in a busy environment.
  • If possible, wear gloves to reiterate to consumers you are safely handling the car.
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