October & November billing overview

For the month of November, there will be slight delays to the delivery of all invoices. All consolidated invoices can expect to be received by 10th November. If you are a Victorian metropolitan dealer, impacted by stage 4 lockdown business restrictions, you may have been eligible for the recently announced support measures; and as a result, would see some changes to your billing. To help you understand the changes to your billing documents please check out this guide.


FAQs for VIC Metro dealers


Who is eligible for the VIC metro support measures?

Victorian metropolitan dealers whose dealerships are located within impacted postcodes under Stage 4 business restrictions, as advised by the Victorian state government, are eligible for the support measures.


What are the support measures?

All dealer fees were waived effective 6th August until the end of (government notified) stage 4 restrictions, which was the 27th of October. This covers all fixed subscriptions, as well as leads or listings charges.


What will and won't be charged?

Leads & Listings

Any leads or listings will incur no charges from 1st October to 27th October

28th - 31st October = all leads and listings will be charged at usual costs.



Subscriptions are always charged in advance, so any subscription charges on this invoice will reflect the following for the month of October:

1st-18th October = subscription fees will be waived. A pro-rated credit for the period has already been issued and applied to your previous invoice

19th-27th October = You will now receive a further credit for this period for products billed in advance such as LiveMarket subscriptions.

All your subscription charges for the month of November will be charged at a normal rate.


How will the rebate occur?

Like previous COVID rebates, you will initially receive an invoice that shows full charges for the month. However, you will also receive copies of credits which waive the applicable charges. Following these credit copies, you will receive a statement that will show the total owing amount for the month with the credits applied to your account. Please refer to your statement for your final payable balance.


What documents will I receive?

The email address which is nominated to receive invoices will receive copies of:

- The monthly invoice which will show the full charges for the month, this will not reflect the waived fees.

- Credit notes which will deduct charges incurred up until the 27th of October (pending government announcements).

- A customer statement which has had the credits applied to it, giving you the final total for the month.


What credits will I receive?

You will receive 2 credit notes this month:

Credits for October services billed in advance – COVID-19 Dealer Support Credit (Part 11)

Credits for October services billed in arrears – COVID-19 Dealer Support Credit (Part 12)


Do I need to do anything?

No, our billing team will provide all the relevant documentation. We suggest you wait until you receive your customer statement (estimated 10th November) to view your final owing amount.

If you have any further questions which are not covered in the above FAQ, please reach out to our accounts team on 1300 728 800. Alternatively, you can email us on admin@carsales.com.au

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