User Management - How to add, edit and delete users

User management is a tool within AutoGate that allows admin users to manage user profiles within the dealership.


Admin users

Adding a user

Setting Notifications for a user

Deleting/deactivating a user



This section is your one-stop shop for managing users that have access to AutoGate. Here, you will be able to:
• Add or remove users
• Change user permissions
• Update profile details
• Update notifications.


Admin users

Within AutoGate, admin users are responsible for being able to add, edit and remove users within an account. To be an admin user, the ‘user and dealer admin’ permission needs to be enabled on a user’s profile, shown below:


The User management section will identify which users are admin users, by applying an orange tag next to their name:


Any user that needs to be updated, added or removed must contact their admin user to make the applicable changes.


Adding a user

To add a user, you must first have admin access within your AutoGate account. The user management section makes it easy to tell who is an admin user within your account, by displaying a tag next to their name (shown above).

If you don't have admin access, you will be able to see which users within your account do have admin access. If neither you nor anyone within an account has admin access, please contact your carsales performance manager to enable this.

Note: before adding a user, please ensure the email address has been created and set-up first by your IT team first. If this does not happen, our email server will not be able to send out a confirmation email to the user, and you will need to contact our support team on 1300 728 800.


The steps to add a user are below:

1. On the user management page, start by clicking 'add new user'


2. Fill out the profile details, as well as the relevant permissions for the user.

Note: hover over the information icon to read a summary of what each permission does.


3. At the bottom of the page, assign the dealership access to the user and click submit.

4. Once this is complete, the user will receive an email to activate their profile. Once complete, they can begin using AutoGate.

Setting Notifications for a user

Notifications in relation to prospects/leads are added or removed here.



Enquiry arrival: Opt to receive notifications when a lead is received by selecting email/SMS or both.

Enquiry allocation: Opt to receive an SMS notification when a lead is assigned to a user.

Inventory: Opt to receive notification when an inventory has been recalled.

Sourcing: Sourcing notifications are on as the default setting. These can be adjusted manually after the profile has been set up.

Deleting/de-activating a user

Much like adding a user, deleting a user requires admin access within the account.

1. On the user management page, find the user you want to delete, and click 'edit' beside their name.


2. On the right-hand side below the 'user admin' heading, you can select to delete or de-activate the user.

Note: this will be greyed out if you do not have the required access.


3. Once done, the user will no longer be able to access AutoGate in any capacity. Next time you are on your AutoGate dashboard, you will see a red box prompting you to re-allocate any leads assigned to the user.


Clicking the box will allow you to assign leads to any current active user within your AutoGate account.




The top of the User management section will provide you with multiple filters which will assist you in narrowing down your search. Below is a summary of each filter:

Keyword: allows you to search for a specific name or email.

Status: allows you to search for active, deleted, inactive, locked or pending users.

Location: for users who have access to multiple dealership accounts, you can search for users with access to certain accounts. As an example, if you select two dealerships, this will bring up users who ONLY have access to these two accounts.

Clicking on ‘more filters’ gives you access to additional filters:

Admin: this will show all admin users within the account, and is especially helpful for users who need their access upgraded.

Position: allows you to search by the job title selected on a user’s profile.

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