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Summary: Portal Retirement and AutoGate updates 2020

The AutoGate platform has been upgraded to deliver a more seamless and effective prospect and inventory management system for your dealership.

As part of this change, Datamotive.com.au has been retired as a login portal. You will now be able to access AutoGate directly by logging in at autogate.com.au. This will also be the access point for all other active services, with the following being migrated into AutoGate.


Migrated (where applicable) services:

• LiveMarket
• RedBook and RedBook Inspect
• LiveTrade
• SMS Auto Response
• CarFacts
• Site Dynamics

You will be able to find most of these on the left-hand menu under "other apps".


If you don't have access to any of these services, a lock icon will be displayed next to it.


Migrated settings:

• User Management settings
• Dealership Management settings

Below is a summary of these migrations and further details about accessing the new AutoGate platform.

See where settings and options have moved too below:



User Management

Managing the users within your dealership is now easier than ever. We have merged the 'add user', 'search user', and 'update profile' sections into one feature called User Management. This will now sit within your AutoGate settings. You will now be able to add, edit, and delete users all in one place.

For an in-depth guide, please view this article.


Premium SMS Auto-Response

The new SMS Auto-Response page provides a much cleaner UI and allows you to take full control of the text message which is sent out to customers who enquire about your inventory. You will be able to add, edit, and remove templates as needed with easier navigation.

Click here for an overview of this section.


Dealership Management

Formerly known as 'Update dealership', you will now be able to update your dealership's contact information, departments, seller badges, and other content through this new Dealership Management section within your AutoGate settings.

For an in-depth guide, please view this article.


Notification Centre

The Notification centre is a new feature to AutoGate that will help you stay informed on all the latest news, insights, feature enhancements, and operational communications.
Keep an eye out for new notifications in the top right corner of your browser within AutoGate. We’ll let you know when helpful news or insights are available.


Need help with your password?

The new log-in page will be accessed via autogate.com.au, any bookmarks you have previously saved will redirect you to this URL.

Your log-in credentials will remain the same. However, you may notice the first time you log in that your details will not be pre-filled as they may have been previously. You can view passwords you have used for Datamotive previously through your browser.

Below are some links to help you out:

https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95606?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en > Chrome
https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/password-manager-remember-delete-edit-logins > Firefox

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by clicking the "forgot your password" link underneath the username and password section.







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