How to set up lead notifications

Within your Autogate settings, you are able to assign lead notifications for users within your account. These notifications will come through as emails to the email address on your profile, and/or as push notifications via the Autogate app on your phone.

Where do I find my notification settings?

To access the notification settings, you will need to navigate to the left-hand side Autogate menu and click on "settings".

Note: if you have access to a group of dealerships, you will need to choose a dealership at the top of the page to see the settings for that account.


Once you've clicked setting, click on notifications to get onto this page.



Setting up notifications

There are 3 types of notifications, these are:

Enquiry Arrival: this setting will mean you receive an email/Autogate app notification when you receive a new lead. This is ideal for sales managers who are responsible for assigning leads.

Enquiry Allocation: this setting will mean you receive an email/Autogate app notification when a lead has been assigned to you. This setting is ticked by default for all users within the account.

Inventory Alert: this setting will send you an email alert if there is any vehicle within your inventory that has been recalled.

Ticking any of the boxes for these settings will ensure the user is set up with the relevant notifications. 


Lastly, clicking on "configure" will allow you to select time periods which you want users to receive notifications.


SMS text notifications

There is an additional service which allows you to receive texts to your phone with the lead details. If you are interested in subscribing to this, contact your account manager for further details.


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