How to connect your AutoGate account to Facebook

Before you are able to connect your AutoGate account to Facebook, there are a couple of pre-requisites:

  • You require a subscription to the "Inventory Distribution" service on your account. If you are already sending your stock to other 3rd party websites, you are already subscribed. If you are not sure or you would like further information, contact your performance manager. Their details can be found on the top of your AutoGate.
  • You must have Business Manager access for your Facebook business page. Without this, you will not be able to set up this integration.

Getting started

1. Login to AutoGate via desktop -

2. Click on 'settings' > 'social connect.


3. Accept T&Cs and click 'connect AutoGate to Facebook'


4. Login to your Facebook Business page. 

5. Select the dealership AutoGate account which you are wanting to use for Social Connect.


6. Allow all access for your dealership AutoGate account to Facebook. Once this is done, click "Done" to link it.



7. Add your dealership's Privacy Policy URL. If you do not have this, you can use carsales' Privacy Policy which is linked below. 

8. Once this is done, the carsales team will approve the request. Once approved, you will receive a Facebook request from carsales. If for any reason you cannot see this Facebook request, go onto your Facebook page and click 'settings' > 'page roles' > 'agencies' > select "approve".

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