How to create a new valuation in LiveMarket

To create a new valuation in LiveMarket, the first thing you will need to do is click on the "LiveMarket" menu option on the left-hand side of AutoGate.


Note: if you are unable to see this option, you may not have the necessary user permissions. Please contact an admin at your dealership to have these upgraded. You can find out who your admin is by going to the user management section within AutoGate.

From here, click on "valuations" as shown below:


To create a new valuation, click on "new valuation".


When you have the rego or the VIN number of the vehicle you want to appraise, click on "valuation by rego or VIN".

If rego or VIN are not available, then click on "valuation by search" to manually enter the car details.


Select the state that issued the registration plate and then click on "show vehicles".


Check if the details are correct or update them if required. Then select "show vehicles".


If there is more than one vehicle meeting the above criteria, you will have to find the right match from the list and click on "select".


Once the vehicle has been selected, enter mileage, colour, build date and additional notes (optional). Then click on "create valuation".


Once created, the valuation should look like the below image when using rego or VIN.



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