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RedBook Inspect subscription - FAQ's

What is RedBook Inspect (RBI)?

How does it work?

What are the benefits of an RBI subscription?

How do I sign up to an RBI subscription?

What will a RedBook Inspected vehicle look like on carsales?

Can prospective buyers search specifically for RedBook Inspect Certified vehicles?


What is RedBook Inspect?

RedBook Inspect (RBI) is Australia's leading independent provider of vehicle inspection services. RBI provides inspections for both dealers and consumers all around the country. 

RedBook Inspect is a national service provider with a mobile, fixed site and remote technology inspections solution.

RedBook Inspect is the exclusive partner of carsales.com.au in the independent dealer/certified inspection segment.


How does it work?

If you subscribe to our RedBook Inspect certified program, we will send out our state manager to conduct an on-site inspection. This allows us to check over the dealership layout and ensure our inspection visits don't cause any interruptions to your business.

Once we have the layout, we set out a specific day to visit based on the frequency you choose to sign on for. You are charged solely on a day rate, so if we are able to inspect more than the allotted 15 cars per day/7-8 per half-day, your ROI increases significantly.

For each inspection, you will receive a detailed 120+ point report for you to advertise. If the vehicle does not achieve 4/5 stars or higher it will not be automatically published. These reported can be published online, although they will appear as inspected not certified.



What are the benefits of an RBI subscription?

CARSALES INTEGRATED: 'Redbook Inspect Certified' or 'RedBook Inspected' badges will display on your carsales ads. There is also a search filter on carsales specifically for RedBook inspected vehicles.

REGULAR VISITS: Avoid the challenge of incorporating visits. Weekly/fortnightly visits prescribed based on your monthly stock turn.

DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: You will have a dedicated account manager to help co-ordinate and streamline your onsite inspection process.

SITE INSPECTIONS: Your site will be inspected to enable a smooth on-boarding process.

FREE VIP INSPECTIONS: Sourcing a vehicle or inspection a trade? RBI offer 150+ point inspections nation wide excluding TAS & NT.

DIGITAL REPORTS: All reports are digitally optimised to be viewed and shared on any device quickly and easily.

FREE MARKETING COLLATERAL: When signing up for a long-term subscription, you will receive RBI inspection flags, vehicle inspection stickers and flyers to add credibility to your stock and instantly build trust with walk-in customers.



How do I sign up to an RBI subscription?

To sign up for an RBI subscription, go onto your AutoGate account and click the "other apps" tab, and then click on RedBook Inspect.


Click on the manage/purchase section on the left-hand side.


Lastly, click on "plans & pricing" to receive information about the various subscriptions available to you.


If you get stuck or have any further questions about what's available, you can email dealer@redbookinspect.com.au


What will a RedBook Inspected vehicle look like on carsales?

There are two ways that a RedBook inspected car will stand out on your carsales listing:

- Your advertisement will have a "RedBook Inspect Certified Vehicle" tag on the first photo of the listing.

- You will have a car inspection report available on your listing. Any consumer viewing your vehicle will be able to click the 'view report' link and see the full inspection report, increasing consumer confidence.


Can prospective buyers search specifically for RedBook Inspect Certified vehicles?

Yes, there is a search filter on the left-hand side of carsales which will allow a consumer to see only certified/inspected vehicles.




Have any further questions? You can reach out to the RBI team via dealer@redbookinspect.com.au

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